News Through Social Media

Because of the increase of smart phones over the last decade, people have started to receive news in so many different ways. We are no longer tied down to the traditional media through newspapers, magazines, and television. At any moment you can Google search just about anything that you want to know from wherever you are. With social media being one of the dominant forces in our lives today, I thought it would be interesting to do a little research about how people are getting news through social media.

Even though Americans are connected to many different social media sites, only 26% of them get their news from more than one according to a Pew Research Center study. The majority of Americans get their news from only one site, with the leader being Facebook. Surprisingly, the platform that came in second was YouTube, with 10% of Americans clicking on news links through their site. Facebook and Twitter are both good networks for news. Half of their users (47% and 52%, respectively) consume news while using those networks, according to the study.

I personally enjoy watching the news in the morning or picking up the daily newspaper, but I am a rare breed among people my age. I think the reason for this is that that is what I grew up with. I appreciate the time I have to slow down a bit from the hectic world in the morning. Although, this is not to say that I don’t receive news from social media sites also. I follow many different companies and news stations on Twitter, so I get many new updates directly from there as well. What marketers need to realize is that people are consuming news differently these days. I believe the quickest way to share information now is through social media or the internet, while 10 years ago people wouldn’t have hesitated to say television. News stations need to tailor their news for each of the platforms that they send out their media through. Breaking news that is urgent should appear online and pieces that are more informational are better suited for print or television.

Below is the link to the study that has all of the details of the role of social media and news.