Student Social Media Influencers


College students have a great amount of influence on their peers and their social groups and are extremely connected to online social media platforms. This is the reason why they make a good target for the latest products because they are likely to share their experiences with their friends via social media which creates buzz around the product. I recently came across an organization that capitalizes on this concept.

Sumpto is a startup that finds the top social media users at colleges across the country and sends those students free products from brands. The hope it that they will talk about the product online through social media. Students are chosen based on number of followers or friends and how active they are across social media platforms. This is good for students because they get free things and it is also good for the brands giving away the free items because they are getting free endorsement through social media and around campuses.

They currently have more than 19,000 college influencers on the platform, half of whom have joined in the last month.The site works with more than 70 brands, which can search for students based on gender, Greek affiliation, and geographic location. The key to the success of Sumpto in the future would be to continue to keep the relationship between students and brands as natural as possible.