Betty White and Sharper Image

Betty White serves as the source for the Sharper Image ad video. Sharper Image is using this ad as a starting point for their Black Friday promotions.

In the ad White tells crazy stories about how she acquired her “man cave” products (none of which are true). All leading up to what Sharper Image wants the consumer to take away is that it is offering free shipping from Nov. 18 to Dec. 16 on items over $99.

Betty White is a 91 year old woman who knows next to nothing about electronics, which is what Sharper Image sells for the most part. This would lead one to believe that she would not be an appropriate source for the ad. Sharper Image knows this and uses her humor to compensate for the lack of knowledge she has about its products. Instead of relying on credibility of the source, Sharper Image is relying on familiarity and appealing through humor.