Sweetgreen is a company that was started by students from Georgetown University. They saw a growing need for a place that served healthy and local foods in the D.C. area. They began to sell salads with local ingredients from farmers markets. The Sweetgreen brand quickly became one that connected “passion and purpose”, which made social media the perfect way to market the brand and message.

What sets them apart as a company is that they listen to customers well through social media and this allows them to be able to better tailor content on Instagram and Twitter sites. They believe that these are the most powerful platforms for their brand because of how well their product lends itself to being photographed. Sweetgreen also wants to focus on using social media as a tool for long term brand loyalty. The goal is to make a personal connection with customer and maintain it for life.

Something that I found particularly interesting is that Sweetgreen’s social media is tailored based on seasonal trends, just like those on the menu at the restaurant.

Sweetgreen does a great job at appealing to their niche market through social media. They are creating a lifestyle brand that people want to be a part of because of their values or even simply because it is trendy. In order for Sweetgreen to maintain their customer base, they need to convince customers that this is not a short term trend, but something that is going to continue to grow and be successful.


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