Double Trouble with Instagram


Adding to my last post, which gave an example of the dangers that can be involved with social media platforms such as Instagram, I found another article having to do with an Instagram scam. More than 100,000 Instagram users fell for the scam that told them that if they inserted their username and password that they would get free followers and likes. This scam  app called InstLike would start liking random photos and following random users after the Instagram user signed up. “We don’t steal your account,” the app developers promised in the login screen. However, InstLike did just that.

We would think that by asking for login information it would make most people hesitant to agree to the terms, but it did not. It even got past Apple and Google for months, as it was available in the App Store and Google Play. From all of the 100,000+ users that downloaded this app, they were able to harvest unimaginable amounts of data from the accounts. Not only did this app steal the users information, but it also convinced many of them to pay money for extra likes and followers. It is crazy to see the extremes that people will go to to get additional likes on their photos.

If you were one of the people that fell for this scam, it is suggested that you change your password immediately and delete the app from your phone.

One way that this could be detrimental to an organization is if scams like this were able to get access to their account and post things from that account. This could be bad for the image of the company dependent on the content of the posts. This could also give scammers access to private information that could be sensitive information.

Mashable also recently posted an article titled “Don’t Fall for These 9 Instagram Scams”. It would be a worthwhile read if you are currently using that platform.


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