Most people speak of the great things that social media is allowing us to do, but we often overlook all of the dangers of excess amounts of personal information being shared on social media. Many people are being bullied, harassed, or even stalked via social media. 

In recent news, an anonymous Instagram account was created to expose and intimidate violent crimes witnesses. The goal of the account appeared to be to intimidate future witnesses from testifying in violent crime cases, or “expose rats” as the account’s creator put it. The Inquirer described the account-holder’s tactics as follows:

“In one post, the account-holder praises Kaboni Savage — the North Philadelphia drug kingpin sentenced to death in June for 12 murders, including a fireboming that killed four children and two women. The bombing was retaliation for a witness’ cooperation with the FBI.

In the same post, rats215 warns witnesses “we will get at you in time.”

A spokeswoman for the Philadelphia district attorney told the Inquirer that witness intimidation is a “very serious, ongoing problem” in the city. The police are currently investigating the account and trying to track down its owner.

We need to be very cautious of the information we put on social media and make sure that we make our information private. Instagram also has to be aware of these private accounts with the intention to bully or harass people and immediately take them down.


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