Moms and Social Media

There was a new study done by information-service company Experian that claims that mothers with children that are under the age of five are more active on social media than the general public. These mothers are twice as likely to post comments on social networking sites than others. 

Demographically, the mothers representing this group overwhelmingly fell into one particular age range. “Over half of moms with young kids from this study were between 25 to 34 years old; the [median] age is 32.5 years of age,” Suzanne Blackburn a spokesperson for Experian Marketing Services said.

Since these moms are so active on social media, it would be a good demographic to target for technology to make it easier for them to access their online sites, like tablets or smartphones. It would shows us that the best way to target these moms may be through social media deals or online coupons. 

This is the link to the study:



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