Marketing and the Brain

Since we have been talking a lot in class about how the human brain processes advertisements, I decided that I wanted to do a littler more research about what this information should mean to marketers.

Our brains are designed to take all of the information that we see and filter it to focus on what is important. In an article by Jeff Fuhriman, titled Send Signals Your Visitors Can’t Ignore: The Psychology of Content Marketing, he says that the part of the brain that regulates attention is triggered by four main attention grabbers. These are novelty, physical need, self-made choice, and your name.

In class we had talked about how your name will always hold a special meaning and even when you are surrounded by a crowd of people, you can pick out your name in a conversation a ways away.

Fuhriman proposes three things to engage people in your ads. “Be Unique” and appeal to the brain’s search for novelty. “Be Magnetic”, make us cry, remind us we are one of a kind, reveal a secret, and remind us that life is short. “Be Valuable” by putting your value in context.

If your con­tent can both speak to both your consumers human­ity and make life a lit­tle eas­ier, you’ll become the obvi­ous choice.


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