Millennials’ Sources of Coupons and Deals

I stumbled upon an interesting study while continuing my search about social media. In a study done by marketing data specialist Valassis, interesting data was found about how the millennial generation prefers to receive their coupons and deals. When most think of the millennial generation they think that they like to do everything online and through social media but this study proved otherwise. 



This chart shows that most millennials prefer to get coupons and deals through traditional print methods or email. 51% prefer newspapers, compared to only 23% using the digital channels of blogs and savings sites. They also found that mobile is a huge driver for millennials, with 45% saying they’d accessed a coupon in an email via mobile and 32% had downloaded a coupon via mobile.

So, my recommendation for companies looking to target the millennial demographic would be to stray away from Facebook and use a more traditional method using print for coupons and deals. They could also have a mobile campaign that incorporated mobile use or deals through email.


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