Hijacked Hashtags

Hashtags are used as a communication tool on social media sites such as Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and most commonly Twitter. Some companies use hashtags to get buzz going about certain campaigns or new products going. We have seen countless times were these promoted or trending hashtags have seemed to go horribly wrong because of hijacked hashtags. This is when the hashtag is manipulated by users and used for a different purpose than the company had originally intended. 

McDonalds recently promoted the hashtag #McDstories with the intent to showcase the positive stories and showcase the companies suppliers. Below you can see some of the tweets that this hashtag was used in. It started trending because of all of the stories that customers had about bad products, poor service, and unsanitary conditions. 

This shows that even when companies have the best intentions for hashtags, they can turn horribly wrong and become a PR nightmare.



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